Announcing the Guardian of the Scroll duology in collaboration with Shannon Lee

Last year, I was approached by Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee, who asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with her to write a series of young adult fantasy novels inspired by her father’s life, writings, and philosophy. Bruce Lee is such an influential figure to me, so of course, my answer was a resounding yes. I’m excited to share the news that the Guardian of the Scroll duology has now sold to editor Mara Delgado-Sanchez at Wednesday Books, for publication in 2024 and 2025.

Cover reveal for Untethered Sky

Behold the stunning cover for Untethered Sky, releasing from Tordotcom on April 11, 2023. Artist Jaime Jones did a wonderful job of capturing the partnership between the main character, Ester, and the roc that she trains to hunt manticores. Here’s a bit more about my upcoming novella, from the cover reveal announcement:

Ester’s family was torn apart when a manticore killed her mother and baby brother, leaving her with nothing but her father’s painful silence and a single, overwhelming need to kill the monsters that took her family.

Ester’s path leads her to join the King’s Royal Mews, where the giant rocs of legend are flown to hunt manticores by their brave and dedicated rukhers. Paired with a fledgling roc named Zahra, Ester finds purpose and acclaim by devoting herself to a calling that demands absolute sacrifice and a creature that will never return her love. The terrifying partnership between woman and roc leads Ester not only on the empire’s most dangerous manticore hunt, but on a journey of perseverance and acceptance.

Untethered Sky is now available for preorder wherever books are sold.

The Green Bone Saga is a Hugo Finalist for Best Series

It’s hard to overstate how meaningful this Hugo nomination is to me. Thank you to every single person who enjoyed the Green Bone Saga and nominated it for Best Series. The full Hugo Awards ballot can be found here.

Chicon 8 members will be able to vote on the final ballot and choose the winners for the 2022 Awards. You can register to be a member to participate in the Hugo Awards. The 2022 Hugo Awards, the Lodestar Award, and the Astounding Award will be presented on Sunday evening, September 4, 2022, at a formal ceremony at Chicon 8.

Congratulations to all the deserving finalists, and see you in Chicago!