Cross Fire Wins 2019 Aurora Award for Best YA Novel

I was at the Viable Paradise Workshop, where I’m writer-in-residence this week, when I received the news that Cross Fire had been named Best YA Novel at the 2019 Aurora Awards for best Canadian speculative fiction. I’m delighted by this win; even though sequels are often harder to write and better than their predecessors, they are so rarely recognized when it comes to awards. Thank you very much to the members of the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association for this honor.

See the full list of nominees and winners here.

Sword Master & Shang-Chi

Announcing my first foray into writing comics! I’m thrilled to share the news that I’ve joined Marvel and will be co-writing the monthly Sword Master & Shang-Chi comic book with Greg Pak, with art by Ario Anindito.

Sword Master is a new Chinese superhero originally published in Asia. Each issue of Sword Master will feature a 20-page story about Sword Master, translated from the original Chinese comic, and a 10-page ongoing story about Sword Master & Shang-Chi, written by me and Greg. My first co-written issue will be Sword Master #4, which comes out on October 2.

Check out the full announcement and my in-depth Q&A at


Jade Legacy Cover Reveal

Orbit has revealed the cover for Jade Legacy, the third book in the Green Bone Saga! It’s fittingly as bold and epic as its predecessors. I like how the series starts with a close-in image on the cover of Jade City, to a city skyline in Jade War, to the mountainous landscape of Kekon in Jade Legacy, reflecting the expanding scope and stakes of the trilogy.

Read the full announcement and book description here.


Jade War Launch Roundup

Jade War is out in the world, and I’ve absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm of Green Bone Saga readers. Here’s a roundup of recent online coverage, guest posts, interviews and fan content related to the launch.





Get Jade War Swag

Pre-orders and first week sales are immensely valuable to authors and publishers because they signal to booksellers that there’s demand for the book. If you pre-order Jade War or buy it within its first week of release, I’ll send you a signed bookplate, a postcard of the Green Bone oath, and a vinyl No Peak clan sticker to show off your clan loyalties!

All you have to do is:

1) Rush out and buy a copy of Jade War in any format (print, audio, e-book)

2) Post a selfie (or book photo, or pet photo) with your purchased copy of Jade War on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) with the hashtag #JadeWar by July 31. 

3) Email or DM me with a link to your post and your mailing address (anywhere in the world is fine!)

4) Receive your swag! (Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery)